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YggDore Sky Gate Toolbar
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What’s YggDore Sky Gate Toolbar ?
This is application(Internet Explorer and Firefox add-on) that is used by YggDore Sky Gate. The users use it and login various service. Input fields of login ID and password are added on the browser when the add-on installation is completed.
1. This add-on provides login to various service by using same the login ID and password.

2. The way of certification is used challenge and response.

3. The password is done encription even if javascript is disabled, because the application is add-on imprements.

4. Login destination service isn’t able to know your login ID and password.

5. Handle name(User ID) creates per service automation.
Test sites
This application is used to manage accounts. But, the service dosn't have login form.

The YggDore Sky Gate Server’s login system is YggDore Sky Gate :-)
This is test application that checks login.