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YggDore Sky Gate provides framework to login to various service by using same the login ID and password.
The structure is very simple, your service is able to join easily.
YggDore Sky Gate
The login processing does from browser toolbar
YggDore Sky Gate provides login processing from browser toolbar.
A pair of login ID and password is able to login to various services
You are not necessary that login ID and password change per service.
Login ID and password don't notify to service owner
Service owner are not able to know login ID and password.
The way of authorization is used challenge and response
This is able to use when your browser disables javascript.
YggDore Sky Gate Toolbar for Firefox

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For service owner
When you manage web service or create soon, please think to use this service.
We ready library to use this service for PHP version 5.

YggDore Sky Gate architecture is very simple, when you have skill of CGI and XML, you can create library yourself.
For developer
When you are interested in YggDore Sky Gate developpment, you can get program source code and you can use this for improvement, analysis and starting the service in your site in the range of license (BSD License)
YggDore Sky Gate architecture is very simple, you can create this service server.