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YggDore Sky Gate Toolbar for Internet Explorer
1. Please create an account here.
2. Download YggDore Sky Gate Toolbar for Internet Explorer here.
3. Unzip download file.
4. Execute YSGToolbarSetup.msi in unzipped file.
5. Installer is runed and install in your system.
6. If a service joins YggDore Sky Gate, your toolbar is able to click login button in the site.
Please input your user ID and password and click it.
7. Confirmation login page is displayed. Please click "Dive!!" button and login. Enjoy the site !
Confirmed executable environment
Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 + Internet Explorer 6 SP1
Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 + Internet Explorer 6, 8
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 + Internet Explorer 7
Ms-PL License