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YggDore Sky Gate specification
1.What is YggDore Sky Gate URL ?
YggDore Sky Gate URL is technique to notify data interface.

The technique is very simple.
Normally, the format of url whose type is GET is as follows.
YggDore Sky Gate URL format is as follows.
%40 is paid attention. When this decodes, it becomes the following.
@a is that the value of it has converting target.
For example, if you decide converting the @FRUIT@ keyword to favorite fruit, the url is converted as follows.
Then @a is changed a.
- If the key of a query data is started by atmark, The key word enclosed with the atmark in the data is converted to other data.
- If you ignore the target, you must convert to empty string.
- @@ is converted to @.
- A first atmark of the key of query data is excepted.
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