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YggDore Sky Gate specification
2.Disclose YggDore Sky Gate URL
Service owner addes meta tag in your login page.

For example, if you manage service.com site, your login site is the following url.
The "ysg" of query data is point to recieve url that is able to get user ID.
Converts to YggDore Sky Gate URL format.
The YSI keyword enclosed with the atmark in the data is converted to certification desitination url.
Don’t forget to add atmark to ysg keyword first.

Next, this encode url format and insert meta tag in your login page.
http://www.service.com/login/?%40ysg=%40YSI%40 --- (1)
<meta name="ysg" content="http://www.service.com/login/?%40ysg=%40YSI%40" />
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