YggDore Sky Gate specification
6. Request to get user ID
A login user accesses the URL of step5 - (3) to service owner.

The service owner gets url from request name ysg.
http://www.service.com/login/?ysg=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2eyskygate%2ecom%2fauth%2f%3f%0d%0a%40cip%3d%40YCIP%40%26%40ca%3d%40YCUA%40%26wn%3d%40YWN%40%26rnd%3d12345678901234567890 --- (3)
Parsing the red part is the following url. If you use PHP 5, you can get from $_POST[’ysg’] easily.
@YCIP@, @YCUA@ and @YWN@ keywords are replaced the following information.

@YCIP@ => Login user’s ip address
@YCUA@ => Login user’s user agent (Browser information)
@YMN@ => World(Not required)

The world is set of service. Please see step5 for detail.
The service owner accesses to the following url that is YggDore Sky Gate Server.
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